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How to Use Whistling Kettle

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Whistling tea kettles are a great way to make your own hot drink at home. The high-pitched sound they make makes it easy to hear them and can be a great addition to multitasking or forgetful individuals. While brewing your tea, stay close by to hear the whistle. Once your kettle is boiling, turn off the power. It will then shut off on its own.

When using a whistle kettle, you need to remember that it should be used carefully. It may leak water when you put it on a high heat setting. If you have a small child, you should be very careful to avoid spilling water on the stove. If you are preparing a pot of tea, be sure to place a plate underneath the kettle and use a wooden spoon to scrape out any leftover tea residue.

To avoid splashes, make sure to keep the lid and spout covered when the kettle is on. Then, use the cover when the water is ready to serve. When using the lid, remember that the water is not completely boiling. It may take a few minutes for the water to come to a boil. However, the process is simple. Once you have your tea, simply remove the infuser insert and pour it into the cup.


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